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We Make Marketing Work Better with Technology, Research, and Data

Bridgetree is a leading marketing & business solutions company, started in the year 2000. We offer marketing solutions to many large, small, and prominent brands across various industries.
All these years, we have acquired specialized experience in assembling and integrating data for leading companies in telecommunications, financial services, consumer products, publishing, sports entertainment and retail. We’re managing huge, interactive customer communications and promotions, fueling lookups from databases and providing the common ground needed for large companies to partner with each other. We’re piloting new physical and electronic matching algorithms. We have excellent, credentialed people and no resource constraints.
Our company is a font of innovation. We have a strong bias in favor of action—we do things, we create movement. And we’re constantly trying new things. We are experienced in managing international teams and operations. Our analysts, programmers, and business consultants make it a mission to work efficiently and use innovation to provide the benefits of low cost and very high quality to clients.

Bridgetree means high quality, rapid development, innovative programs - all at low cost.

Contact us to experience a refreshing level of expertise, commitment, and value.